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            HollowBar Systems

            We drill deep, really deep
            AGL hollow bars get your soil nailing projects completed on budget and on time

            Turbocharger Parts

            We keep locomotives running worldwide
            AGL is a trusted supplier of aftermarket EMD, GE and ALCO turbocharger parts

            Concrete Pump Parts

            We help build homes and foundations for the future
            Keep your concrete pumps running at their best by fitting them with AGL concrete pump parts

            Custom Manufacturing

            More than just outsourcing, we partner with you to help you grow and compete more effectively
            AGL specializes in CNC machining, investment casting, and rubber molding

            AGL Manufacturing

            Quality, reliability, and exceptional service are AGL's promise to customers
            Developing product expertise and creating lasting business relationships since 1994

            AGL Manufacturing Ltd.

            Since 1994, AGL Manufacturing has been supplying quality aftermarket and OEM parts for construction, transportation, recycling, and various heavy industrial applications. AGL supplies thousands of products worldwide based on philosophy of quality and service allied to the respect and trust of their customers. By ordering your product from AGL Manufacturing, you can be rest assured that each item is top quality and designed to meet the needs of customer's request. AGL is committed to providing the highest quality product and excellence in customer service.

            We extend our thanks to all of you that have supported us in these years. Please browse our product lines and if you have any questions contact our account executives.

            AGL Product Lines

            Hollow bar systems, hollowbar, hollow bar assembly

            Hollow Bar Systems

            Our hollow bar system has been installed on countless soil nail projects. Partnering with AGL means your bid stays competitive and your project starts on time.

            • Bar (rope and t-thread)
            • Couplers
            • Nuts
            • Drill bits
            • Epoxy coating/ galvanized
            concrete pump, concrete pump hose, concrete pump pipe

            Concrete Pumping Parts

            AGL is a leading provider of aftermarket concrete pump parts. We ship anywhere in North America, and have a large on hand inventory of:

            • Putzmeister pump parts
            • Schwing pump parts
            • Mayco style parts
            • CF style parts
            • AMCE style parts

            Turbocharger Parts

            We are a trusted manufacturer of aftermarket turbocharger parts for repair shops, distributors and railways globally. We specialize in new parts for these models:

            • EMD 645
            • EMD 710
            • GE
            • ALCO 520/720
            • Refurbishing
            forklift parts, forklift parts manufacturer

            Forklift Parts

            AGL manufacturing design and manufactures high quality forklift parts that are the basic need of any warehouse.

            • Extentions
            • Enhancers
            • Safty bar
            • Forklift
            • wheels
            custom manufacturing, canada, united states, california, china

            Custom Manufacturing

            With in house reverse engineering and re-engineering capabilities, you can come to us with your custom manufacturing needs. Below is a list of our capabilities

            • CNC machining
            • Tooling
            • Investment casting
            • Rubber moulding
            • 4 axis machining


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